A snail mail proxy is a small stand-alone machine situated in front of your actual email web server. This equipment acts as a online mail hardware so that it will get and ahead messages by email machines around the world. Your mailbox proxy after that forwards these messages to the my company Internet protocol address of your laptop. The mail web proxy is then customized to give any of these expertise:

Configuring this machine to act as an email server could save you time while you are using it to connect to email. So how do you use mail proxy server to save and close the file? To configure the mail proxy to act as a great email server, enter the IP address of the pc into the IP address box for the proxy and click the Conserve button. Then you could enter no matter what messages you wish to forward.

To test it, try to access the email and hitting give on your key pad. If you will find no text messages delivered to your email pack, then your imap proxy is actually not configured properly. To find out in case the mail web server has been adequately set up, go to your control panel and select «Internet Options». In the Internet Options window, replace the default setting up for ‘inetodex’ from your list of obtainable protocols to ‘SMTP’. Click OK. Your imap proxy server now functions just like an email server does!